Evil Sweet – “Out Of Nowhere”

This is a super catchy Indie Rock track with lots of influences from the 00’s. “Out of Nowhere” sparks a light within us with its soulful groove and romantic overtones.

¡Out now!

What’s going on my dear friends! It’s your boy MadZen and today we will admit we’ve fallen in love with this track! Brought to us by the super songwriting duo of Scotty O’Brien-Curcie and Zachary Castro, this track wakes us from a lethargic dream and propels us into an emotional drive across the city’s streets. Let’s get to it!

After releasing their previous single Queen Victoria, Evil Sweet continue to tease their upcoming EP with “Out Of Nowhere”, a continuation track that picks up where “Queen Victoria” left. If you’re new to Evil Sweet, just know that they find inspiration in bands like The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, Portugal. The Man, Mac Miller, John Mayer, and Tame Impala. So it’s no surprise their music is this good!

The track opens up with an almost melancholic vibe that quickly snaps into a joyful mood as the chorus hits. Lyrically, the song is about realizing that what started as a summer fling (Queen Victoria) is now turning into a more serious feeling… Love! As Evil Sweet puts it: Sometimes, love punches you in the gut when you least expect it.

A wonderful tune with a neat production and a great mix, providing a solid structure of drums and bass, and the necessary melodic arrangements that makes us listeners feel tingles in our ears. Love-stricken, Evil Sweet plan to address a different shade of love, and a different stage of a relationship, in their upcoming tracks.

“Out of Nowhere” synthesizes a range of sounds, moods, and lyrics to capture the emotions felt when love hits you.

You will be charmed by the jumping beat and the tender vocals, with a swing of the drums that locks into our body making us dance and feel joy. Produced by Nicholas Starrantino in Long Island, New York, “Out Of Nowhere” is a wonderful tune that deserves all your plays, and all your love. So go ahead and hit that play button!

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