Shyli Madhala – “Hysteria”

Israeli singer and songwriter Shyli Madhala returns with her new single, “Hysteria”, showcasing darker tones than the ones we heard in her previous releases – and it suits her perfectly.

After her jazz-inspired “Pink for My Money” debut, Shyli has kept herself busy writing intricate and complex sounding songs. And keeping herself inspired. “Hysteria for me is a song of empowerment. A song that moves you from the inside to trust yourself and your instincts“, she says about the new single. Her jazz roots are still very much present, and this time around juxtaposed with a touch of americana and country. “Hysteria” has a dark atmosphere in it, like something that could be heard on the soundtrack for HBO’s True Blood. It sounds exhilarating, showing off a whole new side of her music that sounds nothing like “Rainbows & Sunshine“; but if we’ve learned anything from her so far is that she can do anything.

“As a woman with Endometriosis, I believe that my diseased genes go all the way back to the 19th century, when women were locked up and institutionalized for being women, and further back to the days when wise women were killed for being witches. I’ve learned to internalize this pain; this song is a reminder to set myself free.” –

Shyli Madhala

But it’s not all that dark; the overall feeling of “Hysteria” is one of healing, of overcoming pain and coming out stronger on the other side. Shyli sounds more in control of herself than ever, with breathtaking vocals and harmonies that truly feel (as they should) like another musical instrument complimenting the guitars and drums. There’s a pagan, witchy vibe to the track as well, like a song that could be played during a Winter Solstice ritual of thanksgiving and prosperity.

Shyli Madhala says that ever since she can remember, singing was a way of soothing herself, of connecting to the world. “A safe place where it’s okay to feel everything just the way it is and not be judged for it. My music is feelings put into melody and lyrics, with the hope that whoever needs to feel their feelings, can find a place to express them”, she continues. And “Hysteria” is the perfect song for that feeling, that healing that only music can provide.

Hysteria” IS OUT NOW!

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