Anaté “I Want You”

Wipe the dust off your best dancing shoes, bring out the fanciest costumes and get the party hairdo going – today we’re going dancing! Join the crowd of high-energy joyful people full of desire to get down, and hope to find someone perfect to get down with. This is Anaté’s new single “I Want You“!

Flowing with smooth synth lines and enhanced with bopping percussion, “I Want You” starts up slowly with full intent on building up anticipation. And once it opens up, the perfectly linear beat drags your feet in to dance, while Ana’s vocals twirl up more and more of that exhilarating, upbeat feeling that makes you want to dance throughout the night. “I Want You” is a song of getting together with your friends to spend a splendid long weekend together, partying. It makes for a perfect soundtrack for meeting new people and being hopeful about finding someone special among them. Just all-around ideal song for unforgettable times.

Anaté, the international duo of German-based singer-songwriter Ana and guitarist-producer Andrea, creates sparkling downtempo with easy-going melodic vibes layered with deeper meanings. Citing a variety of artists ranging from Massive Attack to Dido and Amy Lee as their influences, Anaté’s music has a distinctly smooth pop sound with fresh hints of triphop, indie and many more genres flowing through. There’s diversity to Anaté’s music as well – while “I Want You” is a popping dance beat, “Flow” is in contrast a truly laid-back tune most reminiscent of trip-hop, while “Rio” is a classic indie singer-songwriter song with a celebratory edge. In short – this duo has something fitting for every mood!

I Want You” is out now, go give it a listen on your favourite streaming platform!

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