7000apart – Feel Your Feelings (Side A) EP

The loveable husband and wife team 7000apart are about to release their new EP and it’s titled Feel Your Feelings – Side A. The six-track project compiles some of our favourites, like “Stand Together“, “No Is A Nice Word” and “Whole Lot Left to Lose” as well as two already known songs and a gorgeous new track.

Going heavy on the chamber pop side of things, their new EP differs a bit from the sounds they explored in 2019’s jazzy We Are More. The production on the new EP really takes everything to the next level, sounding richer, fuller and more complex than their previous work. The strings and synths sound grander, as well as the percussion. Amelie Eidin’s vocals also sound crystalline and relatable, and much more confident than before, resulting in an impeccable listen that just flies by and leaves you wanting more.

The title Feel Your Feelings came from a therapy session when Jon Kresin was at his darkest, and willing to move toward the light and getting better. This is exactly what the songs talk about; the hope of getting better, of allowing yourself to feel things even when they’re not so pleasant because you’re on a journey towards actually feeling better. Mental health is important, and 7000apart know that. The duo is making music that originates in dark places, but always moving forward and hoping it will be better. Hope alone won’t cut it, you have to put in the work – and these two are doing exactly that.

“I’ll take one step and I’ll take one more, without knowing how far I’ll have to go”, Amelie sings in the final song, closing the EP on an incredibly high and hopeful note. The last track puts into words everything that the EP is about, from pain and insecurities to hope and the light. “There’s an end to this tunnel”, she concludes. Feel Your Feelings is a great addition to their discography, one that keeps getting more and more interesting, complex, and human with each new release. I cannot wait to listen to Side B.


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