Indoor Friends – “Is It All Melting?”

This EP comes straight at us with full-on Pop-Punk energy. “Is It All Melting?” delivers a rich and exciting experience of fast paced tracks, edgy melodies, and a personal insight into the artists’ life.

¡Out now!

What’s up ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! The year is coming to an end but the music doesn’t stop coming. Today we have a pretty exciting EP brought to us by the amazing Indoor Friends. A 6-track collection of songs that are as rebellious as they are angsty. A perfect musical addition for any Blink-182 / Sum 41 (and everything in between) fans out there. Oh, by the way, it’s me, your boy, MadZen. Let’s get to it!

After releasing a successful string of singles including Finally Enough, Are you Sorry Yet?, and most recently an acoustic version of their first single, “I Hate It Here”, the Boston, Massachusetts band leaded by singer, Amanda Bysheim, are finally presenting their full EP. A mix between Alternative Rock, Pop-Punk and even ballad that promises a new direction for the group and lets us know which path they will now follow.

Kat Delitto (Lead guitar), Krista Marie Setera (ukulele, vocals), Ben Bonadies (Bass) and Matt Wilson (Drums) came together musically to create songs that are both technically challenging and full of emotion. Lyrics are deeply personal, spanning from romantic disasters to emotional struggles and an inside rage that seems to only dissipate thanks to the high-gained riffs and superb drum playing.

Opening up with a Hardcore-like theme, “Don’t Come Back” strikes fast and with an unapologetic attitude. Its aggressive drum playing style could be found in heavier Punk or Metal bands like Call In Dead. I can’t emphasize enough how amazing the drumming is all throughout the track. For real, props to the drummer.

Bysheim’s vocals are clean and melodic, but they hold a nasty pain inside and you can tell there’s true sentiment behind every word. Inspired mostly in her own personal life, the vocalist opens up to us with no shame nor restraint, achieving a very much needed catharsis.

But not every track is frantic and explosive, “Quite Like You” is an (almost) romantic ballad that aims toward the expression of gratitude Amanda feels towards a certain someone. The only “calm” track in the EP, but still holding lots of power and emotion. Indoor Friends close the EP with a track that could be easily taken up with humor but was born of true pain! “Life Is Suffering” is a nod to nihilism and the tragedy of the life or, more accurately described, an existential crisis. Rick and Morty vibes, anyone?

Whether or not you agree on the last track, Indoor Friends really went full on with everything they’ve got to close their first EP release ever. So,


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