Indoor Friends – “Are You Sorry Yet?”

This track tackles one of the most reoccurring thoughts that whirl inside our heads: Is my ex sorry for being such a b*tch? I hope he/she’s doing worse than I am! With nice instrumentation and funny lyricism “Are You Sorry yet?” might become one of those breakup songs that cannot miss in your playlists. LISTEN NOW

Hello my friends! It’s a me, your music lover, MadZen and today we have a really funny track about something we’ve all been through: Relationships that didn’t end well! Wether it was a boyfriend, girlfriend or friend, most of us know that particular one who didn’t took responsibility on his/her own part. Brought to us by the cool Indoor Friends, this track entertains with its vulnerability and full-on honesty.

In case you don’t remember, we had Indoor Friends in our blog a couple of weeks back with their single Finally Enough. These guys might come across as edgy, but they sure know which topics to write about and they sure enough can play!

This song is about moving on but still wanting to see the person who hurt you doing a little worse than you are. We wrote it while reflecting on past relationships and wondering if the people would ever feel sorry for their part in the relationship falling apart.” – Indoor Friends

Acoustic guitars, grooving drums, tight bass and electric guitars set the foundation for this Indie Folk track. Vocals are warm, opened, and harmonic. With lyrics like I don’t miss you or want to see you / But I’d still like to turn you down accurately reflect the slight bits of anger left inside, as well as the uncomfortable desire to get revenge!

All in all, this single is super fun and comes with great lyrical composition. Something that we didn’t know we needed. Making us wonder what would be like to go back in time and give some of these people a taste of their own medicine, even if we know that it would be the wrong thing to do!

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