Dialogic – “Fall From On High”

Wow, this tune really makes you feel like floating on air. “Fall From On High” is a New-Wave-inspired track that sores through the sky falling rapidly towards the earth. With emotional vocals and heavenly instrumentation, this single is a dream-inspired experience that resembles the Classic Rock essence of the 80s and 90s.

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Hello everybody, welcome back! It’s your friendly writer, MadZen, and today we will fall with style with this amazing new single. Brought to us by the awesome Dialogic, this song takes us to new heights, helping us to have a lookout for new horizons and perspectives. So hold on, and don’t let go. Let’s get to it!

Dialogic debuted this year with his first single release, Safe Your Way, and it was so good that it earned its place in our Top 100 Songs 2022 playlist. He’s a singer-songwriter from the UK who pushes all of his 80s and 90s influences into his songs. Now, after three single releases, Dialogic AKA Tom Sykes is returning with his fourth and final release of the year.

“Fall From On High” is a tremendously inspiring track, born out of Sykes recurrent dreams of falling down. Knowing he’s not alone in these strange dreams, he created a track to support his belief that ultimately every dream has a positive meaning. He also took inspiration from the archetypal, strangely sinister lullaby, Rockabye Baby.

The track is filled with beautiful landscapes and heavenly vibes. Sykes’s vocals are strong, confident, and with an energy that truly expresses the feeling of falling down, only without fear. A rapidly progressive composition and arrangement of acoustic and electric guitars, lush pads, bouncy synths, and a steady drum beat create the sensation of being awake inside a magical dream, landing us safely on the ground as it comes to its end. So,


For many years I’ve been aware of my recurring dreams of falling. I know I’m not alone in this. Sometimes our dream world can be terrifying, but I believe that the mysterious messages contained in our dreams are ultimately positive. As we sleep and visit other worlds, we experience what we need to experience. Falling from a high place seems to be a recurring, hopefully, merciful experience that comes my way, again and again, just as needed.” – Dialogic

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