The Qwarks’ fun new track “Nice While It Lasted”

The Qwarks really know how to celebrate the end of days. “Nice While It Lasted” is an almost schizophrenic musical experience written in an odd time signature, perfect for all you Prog and Psychedelic fans out there. Dance away as the world ends.


What’s going on boy and girls!! Welcome, welcome back. It’s your boy end-of-the-world partner, MadZen, and today we will prepare for the last and final single release of my good ol’ boys, The Qwarks. If you’ve been following them so far, you know what to expect, a nice little Psychedelic Rock track with a dancing spirit, and a quirky attitude. Only this time things are weirder… Let’s get to it!

In grim times, the Qwarks search out moments of joy, riding on a wave of psychedelic joie de vivre with the backdrop of a barren wasteland of fragmented selfies and melting database columns. In the desert by a campfire they met the Reverend Zebadiah Hawkwind III who attempted to exorcise their demons through a heavy dose of 5/4 psyche based skronk.

After a nice string of single releases in 2022, The Qwarks, a psychedelic rock avant-garde trio of malcontents from Brighton, UK, is soon releasing their last track of the year, suitable for its impending finale. Influencer, was their previous single reviewed here on the blog, but if you’re just becoming aware of their existence we highly recommend you give them a good listen.

“Nice While It Lasted” is a track with a topic that might come through as dramatic, fatalist, and miserable. But it really isn’t! It’s a super fun track in a 5/4 time signature that celebrates… well, that everything is going to sh*t, but it was nice while it lasted! The track was inspired by stories concerning ‘dance plagues’ in medieval times, where people would dance until they collapsed and this dancing was contagious, seeming to spread like a virus.

It seems that there is a phenomenon where social media can also exhibit contagious phenomena, with some evidence of contagion effects of various mental health conditions spreading through Tiktok. Some even compare it to a cyberweapon. As the world ends, humanity stares into devices getting enraged at things designed to enraged them, division continues, and madness increases.

Probably one of The Qwarks’ catchiest songs, it presents a funky attitude and a little maniac mood that’s both interesting and entertaining, with the addition of defiant trumpeting, a catchy sing-along chorus, and a killer guitar solo. This is what makes this trio so appealing, refreshing, and original: not being afraid to step out the box but, on the contrary, embrace their oddness and proudly scream “This is us, take it or leave it“. I’ll very much take it, thank you very much.

If the end of the world is coming, then it’s time to enjoy unbounded joy where you know that you are alive in a way that a machine will never be able to categorise. And we must dance even if it’s in 5/4 time.

A music video is also being dropped, directed by the mysterious Chief Tacoma Strudel and featuring Alya BLK Diamond Dance. Set to a Wild West-themed scenario, the video sees amongst other things an exorcism and horse riding. The Qwarks dressed as a mad priest and outlaws, chart a course of survival across a barren landscape.

The Qwarks will release their second album on 16th of December but only on Bandcamp. It will be released digitally in January.


“Nice While It Lasted”

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