Man, this track by The Qwarks is pure bliss. It’s funky, it’s funny, it’s groovy, it’s weird. Get a taste of the Funky Psychedelic power of “Influencer”. OUT NOW!


Hello my friends, it’s your boy MadZen and today we’ll be reviewing this awesomely funky track by our good friends of The Qwarks. After their previous releases, Dog Eat My Homework, Throne Of Your Grace, and You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends), the Brighton-based trio returns with a very influencing track. Welcome back!

By now, we already know what kind of music to expect from these mates, but “Influencer” really shows just how good, and how crazy, these guys are. It has a super fun composition wit lots and lots of Funk and a really good dose of Psychedelia. I truly loved it, I think this is my favorite track of theirs up to date.

The band was really baffled by one of today’s greatest phenomenon: The influencer economy! Or, what they like to call, Jouissance. The track depicts an influencer ‘mesmerizing viewers with the insides of their fridge’ and imploring that you ‘get this brand into your life it’s going to be your saviour’.

Both verse and chorus are fantastic. While the verse delivers a stupefying amount of funk, the chorus serves as a melodic leveler of psychedelic harmonies, this by the way got me singing along right away, it’s just too good!

“We felt funky and we felt inspired by the wonderful ways in which consumer lifestyles are now sold to us every second of every day. What a time to be alive! We were compelled to engage with this issue through the medium of funky psychedelic rock. We did not have a choice in the matter, something was calling us” – The Qwarks

Just when you think the song cannot get any better, we are suddenly and gratefully blessed with a sax and guitar solo battle, ask and response in a pure virtuous way, such an outstanding musical performance that, I admit, wasn’t expecting. Great track by these fellas so hit that PLAY BUTTON NOW!

“Influencer” will come with a video filmed by the legendary Stuart Macleod and sees the return of the partnership of the Qwarks and Alya BLK Diamond Dance who stars in the video.

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