Agent Envy – “No Friend”

This is an amazing Alt-Rock track inspired by the heavy sounds of the 90’s/00’s Industrial Rock. “No Friend”, says enough is enough for someone who deserves no sympathy. Exciting guitar riffs, brutal drum playing, and powerful melodic vocals await for you in this brand-new single.

¡Out Now!

Hello, hello, my dear readers. How are you today? Have you bought your Christmas presents yet? I’ve got one for you today! A track that is as heavy as it is empowering, this single captures all of the grittiness and spice of 2000’s rock, metal, and industrial records. Let’s get to it!

Agent Envy is the project of a San Diego-based producer who has been surrounded by music all of her life. From guitar, voice, and piano lessons, all the way to songwriting and musical theater, Agent Envy has been related to music from a young age. Now, she’s released a brand new track that might as well be one of the coolest tracks I’ve reviewed the entire year.

A lot of people say that this or that artist is bound to become your favorite, but for Agent Envy that just might actually be the case.

“No Friend” explodes with fierce energy and awesome guitar riffs. A dynamic vocal interpretation delivers appealing verses and thrilling choruses that hit hard, supported by the majestic symphony of distorted guitars and earth-shaking drums. The whole musical structure is so well cemented that everything falls into place like pieces in a puzzle.

You will end the track with a nice empowering feeling, and a sweet sensation of being put back in the 2000’s musical universe. A very, very strong release for this young artist and a big promise of what’s to come. So you best not lose her out of your sight and hit that play button now!

Inspired by artists like Massive Attack and Tool along with newer artists like PVRIS and Metric, her music has an important quality to it.


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