Dioneesus – “Social Media Masterpiece”

Pittsburgh artist Dioneesus is back with a new single, the latest reveal of what will be his 2024 Side B record. The project began a few months ago with the release of “The Festival” and “Lolita“, and here we have “Social Media Masterpiece“. The multi-talented artist has already shown us an incredible range and versatility, always expanding his psychedelic-infused indie hip-hop to new levels.

Dennis McGrath, the mastermind behind the whole Dioneesus solo project, is an amazing storyteller. His songs sound like cautionary tales, like he’s trying to show us a version of ourselves and the world that is less than ideal and then going ‘is this what we really want?’, and this approach makes his work that much more interesting. The musician has described 2024 Side B as a concept album exploring themes such as new love, aging, conflict, and social evolution. “Social Media Masterpiece”, his latest single, fits it all.

On “Social Media Masterpiece”, Dioneesus does all of that once again by incorporating R&B beats and guest vocals by the talented singer Najj Andrea. This leaves the track with a very modern hip-hop vibe to it, like something we could have heard coming from someone like Astronautalis or even SZA. The music video, starring Emily Stofan, was recorded in the Pittsburgh Cultural District and features the work of several local artists exploring visuals, digital art, and sculpture. Here you can watch Trailer #2 for this upcoming video.

“Social Media Masterpiece” is definitely a softer track than “The Festival”, the production of “Social Media Masterpiece” does a wonderful job of highlighting the story being told instead of trying to steal your focus. The track talks about social media addiction, and how dangerous and harmful it can be, focusing primarily on the mental health and emotional repercussions.

It’s a very important topic, that’s been covered by a handful of artists of late, and something we are finally talking about. We are constantly exposed in our own social media feeds to things, people, and situations that make us feel less than ideal with our own lives and bodies and that takes its toll on our minds more than we may initially realize. “Social Media Masterpiece” is here to make us think about that and try something different.

Social Media Masterpiece” IS OUT NOW!

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