Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions and a romantic new single “Destiny Road”

This is an amazing Classic Rock track infused with Blues and just a tiny dash of Country. “Destiny Road” by Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions tells a tale of destiny, paths crossed, and a lifetime of resolutions that began with a dream in 1996.

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What’s up boys and girls, welcome back! It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we have a very, very special new track that had to see 25 years go by to finally see its birth. A romantic, inspiring track that exudes a retro vibe and an epic essence. Let’s get to it!

Gary Dranow is a musician from Park City, USA who had a very vivid dream in 1996. Seeing himself in a dream state in Emerald-colored hills far away, meeting (and falling in love) with a world traveler. As it turned out, the dream became true, and he married a girl who had traveled all over the world. This track is their story, and everything in between!

“Destiny Road” was originally intended to be released in 1997, using Jefferson Airplane’s old 2′′ 16 Track AMPEX recording machine, but the band underwent multiple personal battles and the music couldn’t be materialized. Now, 25 years later, the band has gotten back together with a new line up, and are finally ready to share their music!

Two singles are available now. “Fool Outta Me,” is a heavy hitting pop rock song with a dream-like 80’s inspired quality to it, reminiscent of Pink Floyd meets Bon Jovi. The second is “Twisted Minds,” a rock song with screeching guitar solos and a wailing keyboard. It has a softer Ozzy Osborrne meets The Rolling Stones musicality.

Opening up with a fat bass sliding right into a huge pre-verse of organs, drums, and guitars, the song delivers a groovy Rock and Roll vibe embellished with bluesy guitar solos. Gary Dranow sings with a brave spirit, sharing his story with a soulful performance. Drums are big and dynamic, the bass is clean and punchy, the feelings are real, and the melodies create a beautiful ambience of inspiring proportions.

Destiny calls for all of us, and today we are grateful for having crossed paths with this superb performance. Music is made with the heart, played by actual people, not just machines. Just like the good o’l days! A perfect addition for any Classic Rock / Blues playlist, so go and


Gary Dranow and the manic emotions

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