Ruiz! wonderful bittersweet new single “The Human Touch”

This is a wonderful bittersweet track with mesmerizing melodies and deep lyrics. Sheffield artist Ruiz! questions how could we get it so, so wrong? in his new and final single of the year, “The Human Touch”.

¡Out now!


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! Christmas is coming, and we keep delivering gifts for all of you music lovers out there. Today we have a great, great track by one of the best new promises of the UK. Ruiz! returns with an Alt Rock track that tackles the lack of sensibility we have for each other as a human race. Let’s get to it!

After releasing his previous singles, 5 Seconds, Falling and One Rule, Hugh Ruiz Robert’s music has received a lot of attention and a very good response from listeners. Also, he has been featured on the BBC Introducing Mix Tape by Tom Robinson in the UK and played on BBC6Music. Way to go!

“The Human Touch” is a track with very intricate melodies and an emotional depth to it. When did we lose our human touch? Ruiz questions. In this song, Ruiz remembers a time when we used to show love and respect for our fellow humans. Covid came, and the world shut down. Suddenly we found ourselves isolated and finding obstacles to avoid harmony.

Ruiz! intends to help us regain that conscience and move on from what separates us. The track is absolutely stunning, with great vocal layers and a subtle atmosphere that reminds us of bands like Radiohead or Arcade Fire. “Find love, be kind, and celebrate life” is Ruiz!’s message and we must happily abide.

So go ahead and

listen to this musical jewel now!

Ruiz! "The Human Touch"

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