Luke Frees loveful new track “If There Ain’t a Heaven”

Thanks for being here, this is a story of a heavenly level of love, which is also the basis of Luke Frees’ newest single that’s aptly titled “If There Ain’t a Heaven”. POV – there’s a person you met just a little while ago, taking part of the same group activity as you. A spark happened between you two, and while it began from a common interest in Lynch movies and pottery, you soon realized that this person could be The One. And now, you’re at the top of the world, full of love for the person you could understand so well, and who understands you just as effortlessly as well.

Depicting that special stage in romantic relationship, when two people have fully connected with one another, but before becoming familiar has started chipping away at the vibrancy of the emotion, the song is gentle as if it’s holding the most beautiful and fragile gem in the world, but also full of sheer power. Driven by piano and multilayered violin runs in dynamic soundscapes, Luke Frees builds up cinematic worlds with how he describes the love at hand, and everything it makes a person feel like.

Orchestral and wonder-driven, it’s definitely a surprise to learn the string section came from multiple layers of just one violin. This single was born as a collaboration between Luke and his dear friend, a violinist Corwin Zekley. Inspired by classical Hollywood soundtracks and Tom Waits’ music, in particular Kentucky Avenue, the single carries a wealth of cinematic energy, roughly two dozen violin tracks and world-conquering quantities of love delicately described by Luke’s elevated vocals.

The Chicago-based singer-songwriter has been releasing a string of singles, dropping a single and its b-side a month. Among them was a release that introduced the artist to this blog’s readers for the first time – a single called “Most of the Time“. Describing a breakup and the pain of cherished memories fading into dust, it’s a complete opposite to today’s song.

The loveful “If There Ain’t a Heaven” is out.


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