The Phantom Friends – “Can’t You See”

This is a very refreshing single that mixes Alt and Indie Rock in such a peculiar way that separates it from the rest. “Can’t You See” is a track to clean away all negativity from our lives, a reminder of everything that’s beautiful, and a super groovy musical ride that’s meant for maxing out the volume in your stereo car system. Due out December 23rd streaming services but:

¡Listen now!

What’s going on, boys and girls! Welcome back! It’s your friend MadZen and today we have a pretty, pretty neat track filled with sudden twists and turns that keep you on your toes! Brought to us by this amazing Charlotte band, this track presents a high-quality production and a clear sense of individuality. Let’s get to it!

The Phantom Friends was created by Richie Gaiser on lead vocals and guitar, Dominic Birckbichler on harmonies and bass, Harrison Saunders on drums, and Matt Wilson on synth, vocals, and auxiliary guitar. A group of friends and roomies who got together after 15 years of playing in different projects. Prog, Alternative, Pop, 80’s dance, and free-verse style writing are just some of the tools this USA band uses, as they push the boundaries of songwriting by mixing as multiple styles as they can.

We enjoy plating up something familiar that audiences will enjoy while being injected with exciting new twists
and sounds that will take the listener on a unique adventure.
” – The Phantom Friends

“Can’t you see” is a track filled with interesting melodies and cleverly harmonized vocals, all carried over a mean drum beat. The song is built with a very unique structure and its choruses really push through the mix. Wide, wallowing synths cover the stereo image, as bright guitars and a tight bass delight us with their string power. An explosive bridge with unexpected screams throws us right back to the last chorus, delivering its heavily dynamic and groovy ending. Without a doubt, a truly interesting release and one that deserves many plays.

Can’t You See is about getting through to the people you love or getting through to yourself when you know there are frivolous things in the way of your happiness. It’s about clearing out the negativity in your life and saying the things that not always easy to say.” – The Phantom Friends

The single will be available on all streaming platforms starting 12/23/22. In the meantime, you can check it out in their Bandcamp. So, listen now!

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