Qoma – “Shadows In Sway”

This is an explosive instrumental track of Alt-Rock / Experimental Rock qualities, shouting at us with high-screeching guitars and powerful earth-shaking drums. “Shadows In Sway” holds nothing back, and it wraps us under a massive wall of sound.

¡Out now!

Hello, hello, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back! It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we have an astonishing new track perfect for any Melodic Metal fan out there. A gritty mix of high-gained riffs and epic melodies of gargantuan proportions, this track oozes euphoria and just a little bit of madness. Let’s get it!

Qoma is the side project of guitarist, bassist, and synth player Dylan O’Connor. Originally conceived in 2018 as a side project to the Dublin, Ireland based Alt-rock band Revival Mode, Qoma uses this new-found project to express his instrumental side with the heavier slice of Alt Rock with hypnotic synths inspired by his personal love of Video Game Music.

One of the most important influences of Qoma is the band Failure, and amazingly enough, he was able to recruit Failure’s drummer Kelli Scott to record the drums in “Shadows In Sway”. Way to go! And so, this instrumental become both a musical outlet that features one of Qoma’s most respected drummers, as well as a tribute to one of his favorite bands of all time. Isn’t that something?

The track blends heavy and melodic elements in such a cool way it resembles bands like Intervals, Born of Osiris, or even Periphery. Without an actual meaning behind the track, Qoma wants his listeners to make of the single whatever they want. He actually explained that the title Shadows in Sway is “inspired by the imagery of Planets spinning around each other at the end of the universe, in quite a foreboding and frantic manner, this is how I felt writing the track.

Dylan himself mixed and mastered the whole thing, recording the most part in a home studio in Dublin, Ireland, while the drums were recorded by Kelli Scott in L.A. and then passed back to Dublin. This was actually Dylan’s first time mixing and mastering an entire production of drums from another location, and it was, in his words, an intimidating but fruitful chance to learn production the hard way.

This Song encapsulates all the weird and wonderful music I’ve ever grown up with while featuring one of those very musician’s on the track, Kellii Scott. His band Failure’s influence is highly eminent in my life and this song is my tribute in return.” – Qoma

¡So, listen now!

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