I Panic – “(Welcome to The Night Of) Broken Promises”

This is an exciting track of great 80’s Rock energy and an uplifting start to 2023. “Broken Promises” is surrounded by a lush ambience, an opera-like essence, and a nice reminiscence of artists like David Bowie and Queen.


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen and today we will prepare for the arrival of this excellent track filled with retro vibes and unique composition. Brought to us by this Dutch multi-instrumentalist, this single evokes a time and place where the magic of Rock and Roll was strong and all around. Let’s get to it!

I Panic is the project of Marcel van Tetering. He’s known for his theatrical compositions and style, finding inspiration in bands and artists like The Beatles, Tom Waits, and of course, David Bowie. He recently released his last single Lost Song, and now the Dutch singer is ready to charm us once more with a tune of a joie de vivre attitude.

“Broken Promises” tells the story of two ex-lovers, meeting one more time despite promising never to see each other again. I’m sure you know the rest! A classic adventure story presented in an uplifting manner with joyful choruses hiding the bits of regret! But it’s all good, as I Panic ends the story on a good note, wanting to believe once again. Maybe in love, maybe in second chances, who knows, but if one thing is for certain is that this track encapsulates a relatable story with a sound that is nearly lost, and will captivate any listener from the start. So,


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