Garland Kelley’s exciting debut “A Mind Of Your Own”

This track is an awesome reminder that we should always think by ourselves. “A Mind Of Your Own” by Garland Kelley throws at us exciting guitar melodies over an 80’s Rock inspired musical mix.


What’s going on my dear, dear readers? Hope everything is running smoothly in this final run of 2022. Today we will prepare for the arrival of a musically inspiring track that warns us about media disinformation and pushes us toward free thought. Brought to us by a veteran of Nashville’s live music scene, this track presents a timeless atmosphere and a driving emotion.

“Existence has always been difficult but there is a new set of problems and struggles in the modern world. In the information age, knowing what sources of information to trust can be impossible and false information abounds. Many people seek their identity through validation from extremist groups or ideologies that are often exacerbated by media propaganda. This validation is often found as social currency in the form of an online identity and sense of a likeminded community.”

Garland Kelley

Garland Kelley is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter whose music tends to talk about existential issues including mortality, individualism, mental health, and philosophy. He’s known for his expressive and personal sound offering a unique and fresh twist to modern rock music. Gathering inspiration and influence from bands like Soundgarden, Incubus, and Tool, he tickles the boxes of the Rock sound fans love while adding his own personal trademark.

“While there are a tremendous number of benefits to technology and interconnectedness, one of the dangers can be that people are trained how to behave, think, believe, perceive, and react. The message of this song is to shed the confines of society, media, and ideologies and attempt to view existence through a lens free from ego. The message of the song is as much a mantra for myself as a call to action for humankind. In many ways, this song chronicles my life philosophy and elements of my spirituality.”

Gerland Kelley

“A Mind Of Your Own” is a track built with exciting guitar riffs, simple but delightful melodies, and an overall sense of Classic Rock and Roll. With a unique attitude that pushes the boundaries between past and present, this single captivates with its positive energy, while at the same time delivering a deep and powerful message. And it wouldn’t be Rock and Roll without a nasty guitar solo!

This song holds a positive message: we should all strive to become the change we wish to see and the path to our greater selves lies in having a mind of your own.

“Thank you all so much for listening! I hope you enjoyed “A Mind of Your Own” which is about disinformation and freethought. I feel that seeking one’s true self and identity is more important than ever and will lend to elevating humankind. Stream on Spotify and watch the official music video on YouTube. Thanks again, everyone!” Garland Kelley

A lush imagery, and a serious message all wrapped up in a single track. Now, that’s art! So be sure to make a decision of your own and


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