CJ Commerford & The Supertones – “Waiting On A Girl Like You”

This track takes us back to the Soul / R&B Golden Era of the ’70s. “Waiting On A Girl Like You” is a beautiful track with lots of groove and uplifting melodies. Its smooth and pristine sound captures that “live studio feeling”, just like in the old days.


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we will prepare for a single release that will shake our bones and makes us involuntary grin. Prepare to get retro in this wonderful upcoming tune from this amazing Australian group. Let’s get to it!

CJ Commerford & The Supertones are a 6-piece Soul/R&B band hailing from the Mornington Peninsula. After releasing their last album titled ‘SUGAR’ (July 22), these talented fellows decided to take a break from their dark bluesy melodies, and seek a simpler sound. One that is more inviting and uplifting than ever.

It’s a new chapter for us as a band and myself as an artist as our approach to this record was to get that live studio feeling like they did back in the old days.” – CJ Commerford

“WOAGLY” is sensational, to say the least. It captures the magical sound of the 70s, as well as those soulful retro vibes. It actually sounds like a record from that age! It is something really sublime and a beautiful release that will warm our hearts and push us to move & groove. A bouncy bass, a swinging rhythm guitar, and an amazing drum beat set the foundation of the track, with the neat addition of the coolest instrument of them all: a saxophone.

CJ’s vocals are on point and high reaching, with a masterful dynamic and a wide range. Everything comes together to create a sensational vibe of bright spirits and a sense of union, which by the way was a challenge for our boy CJ, as he decided to explore new rhythms and harmonies, and you know what? He nailed it!

 “It’s quite easy to reflect on darkness and struggle in the music we all write, for me it’s sometimes harder to be honestly happy and upbeat, it was certainly something I sat down to achieve in contrast to the latest album’s sound, plus we’ve all had enough doom and gloom to last a generation, now it’s time to smile!’’ – CJ Commerford

A time to smile indeed, and how couldn’t we with such an amazing track? So get ready in your finest clothes, and


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