DCxPC Live Vol. 10: RATH & the Wise Guys / The Kutoffs

Calling all vinyl junkies! What is becoming a legendary, at least in my mind, record label DCxPC is releasing Volume 10 of their live vinyl series. This volume features the smash mouth, dirty punk rock of RATH & the Wise Guys and the fast-paced, skate punk ethos of The Kutoffs, both hailing from the Tampa, Florida area. Both of these bands have Bandcamp pages to check out and support for any Bandcampers out there. The DCxPC live performances are streaming everywhere on Friday, January 20th and the 7-inch vinyl is available on the DCxPC website for pre-order now! Pressed on sea glass blue and a limited-edition quantity of 200. And as per usual, DCxPC conceptually inspired by VML Records, all pre-orders come with a chance to win the corresponding 7-inch vinyl of the legendary VML Live series via raffle (which, for the record is the volume featuring The Effigies).

Pre-Order HERE

Another cool aspect of this volume in the series is that it was recorded Lou’s in Orlando, the same venue as DCxPC’s Some Kind of Nightmare release (volume 9) which always delivers such a solid sound for acoustics, you’d think it was a studio album.

Gigging since April of 2021, RATH & The Wise Guys current lineup consists of:

  • RATH – Guitars and Vocals
  • The Hooligan – Bass and Vocals
  • Chopper – Drums

The record features three tracks by the band. “Stiffed,” and “Nose Candy.” An opening declaration by RATH of “everybody here is going to hell tonight” kicks off the raucous “Melt My Brain” to start the set, followed by the Pop-Punk-esque “Stiffed,” a performance that RATH jokingly scoffs, “that’s the best we’ve ever played that fucking song!” And closing out their side of the EP, they finish with my favorite of the three (a tough choice, albeit) “Nose Candy.” A song that on stage was described (the on-stage banter is part of what makes these versions of the track so great) as “drugs, drugs, and more drugs, and this song is about drugs!” Outside of the moment of this particular performance, the band has described what the single is about as such:

“Nose Candy” – This song is about being unapologetically who you are, even to a fault. Sometimes you need to let go and be carefree and really evil that devil out of you and this is just the song to do it to.

Side 2 of the record features The Kutoffs, a band kin to my own heart that embodies that So-Cal skate punk sound reminiscent of the Fat Wreck Chords sound. The band lineup is:

  • Chad Gaffney on Vocals and Guitar
  • Carlos Fossi Jr. on Bass and Vocals
  • Jack Beeman on Guitar and Vocals
  • Chad Chastain on Drums

From the town of Lakeland, Florida, the band came together like many recent artists I’ve reviewed, during the pandemic. The name is in reference to their vow to “cutoff their sleeves and rock!” They will be releasing more music in the near future this year, recorded by Cursed Hoof Studios and mixed by Michael Raisner, so definitely make sure to keep an eye out for that. For their side of the EP there are two tracks taken from their live performance, “Taking Off” – a single you can also find on Bandcamp and an exclusive (at the time of this article) song “Enjoy the Ride.” When approached about if they wanted to be part of the DCxPC live recording with RATH & The Wise Guys, it was a simple decision and response that comprised of a “Fuck Yeah” and “fueling themselves with Tacos.”

The EP was tracked on 03-19-2022 at Uncle Lou’s LMGA in Orlando, FL by Joshua Dobbs. It was mixed and mastered approximately a month later by Joshua Dobbs at Danger Room Recording. Dobbs a regular producer involved with most if not all of these releases. Photography credits go to @MaggieBlitzed on Instagram. EP front cover inspiration: Vindictive Music Label, V.M.L. Live Series, and back cover/additional artwork by Chad Chastain and Chad Gaffney.

DCxPC would like to give a special shoutout to Steve at No Vacancy Media for his dedication to overcoming less than optimal internet connectivity at venues and driving hours to shows to make streaming them possible. It’s support like that, that makes independent music possible. Cheers to Steve!

Don’t forget to support this project and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify. You can also visit their official website. If you enjoy their music and are able to provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp.

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