Fantastic Frank Joshua’s New Album “Talk Of Things”

Oh hey, Frank Joshua is back again! Maybe some of you remember his last introspective single pondering about the reason behind holding on to a failing relationship in “What Price a Smile“. That single was the last one to arrive before some very big things and speaking of big things, they’re here now. It’s Frank Joshua’s new LP and it’s now ready to go!


Hailing from London, Frank Joshua’s poetic and far-reaching songs nestle deep in the visceral side of life, describing states of mind that can’t always be pinpointed or explained. His beautiful, thoughtful and emotionally rich music attracts both the listeners as well as some skilled producers that jumped onto the chance of remixing some of Frank’s songs. One of those artists was Tim Angrave’s Solitary Version of “Loneliest Place in the World”, a haunting early-morning experience of complete and utter loneliness.

In addition to Tim Angrave, producers Tony White, Azido 88, and Jon Kennedy also joined to create their own versions and remixes for songs from Frank Joshua’s debut album. The best of those remixes, including Tim Angrave’s Solitary Version, now join a couple of new original songs from Frank to become the second full-length album, a solid and diverse 11-track LP called “Talk of Things”.

Treading between the upbeat and the beatless, the desolate and the uplifting, “Talk of Things” brings forth a glorious collection of music that transforms elusive emotions into captivating genre-crossing tunes that easily penetrate the surface for even the most reserved listeners. It’s most wonderful to hear how beautifully the remixers have handled the topics Frank sings about, making the instrumental side of the tracks and the vocals a match made in heaven. If I were to bring out one specific song that hits especially wonderfully, it’s “Panic In The Kitchen (Whitelight Version)”, but truthfully all of the tracks are sublime.

In addition to the remixes and new versions, the LP also contains “What Price a Smile” and a brand new song called “Torture”, which brings pained lyrics and a fast-paced beat that combines the sense of immediacy with erratic feelings, and obviously the one accompanying singles that you can pre-save is Free remixed by Jon Kennedy marks the third time both artists collaborate


Talk of Things” IS OUT

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