Nick Noon – “A Jejune Affair”

This Debut EP gathers a wide variety of influences spanning from 60’s Classic Rock to 80’s Gospel, as well as the timeless spirit of songwriters like Bob Dylan or Paul McCartney. “A Jejune Affair” gets up close and personal, with a massive sound of spiritual affinities.

¡Out now!

What’s going on, my dearest friends? Welcome back! It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we have a very interesting EP release that I’m sure you’ll love. A four-track experience of warming melodies and choir-like vocals that reach all the way to the sky. Brought to us by this rising songwriter, these tracks will delight your senses as you play them on repeat. Let’s get to it!

Hailing from Nashville, USA, Nick Noon is an artist who’s starting to turn heads with his unique musical style and storytelling ability. A singer, multi-genre, and multi-instrumentalist who is able to connect emotion and sound as a whole with a masterful hand. After releasing the first two singles of the EP Costumes (which entered our Top 100 Songs 2022 playlist), and the beautiful Bring Out The Sunshine, Noon is now ready to share with us the full version of his work.

“A Jejune Affair” comes with two brand new tracks, both with a unique sense of personality and passion: “When The Chariot Calls” and “Grant Me Speed“. All four tracks deliver a deeply personal feeling which can be easily appreciated. It’s safe to say that Noon’s lyrics come from the heart, and his voice is the conduit that delivers his touching messages.

The EP can be enjoyed as a whole or in an individual manner. Either way, it works very well. Its instrument selection is vast, and it includes elements like strings, pianos, and acoustic guitars, as well as a wall of sound of vocals that seem taken out of a Broadway theatre.

Highly passionate indeed, each track tells a unique story, and the music fluctuates between piano and forte dynamics, always putting the listener in a deep focus state. Raw emotion and ear-gracing instrumentation await inside “A Jejune Affair”. So you better hit that play button now!

Mastered by Brian Lucey (Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Liam Gallagher)

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