Herald K’s beautiful new release “Echo’s Song”

Herald K’s new single. A nymph with the most beautiful voice cursed to only repeat the last words of anything that’s said by others. A young and handsome hunter, who rejected all romantic advances and in the end was cursed to fall in love with his own reflection, dying on the edge of a pool. Those are the well-known mythological characters called Echo and Narcissus, and their story has been turned into a poetic and beautiful song titled “Echo’s Song”.


The story starts off in a vast woodland where Narcissus had come to hunt with his mates, but in the end, he had become separated. Gentle melodies follow just like Echo spying on the young man, completely falling for him. In the end, the nymph revealed herself to him but got rejected just like all the previous girls. This time though, Narcissus ended up allured by his own image in the forest pool and ceased on the scene.

Sung as a duet between Herald K and Lina Louise, “Echo’s Song” is a gentle, beautiful, and sad ballad of unreciprocated love. A spacious, earthy, and wondrous atmosphere surrounds the serene vocals, and the sorrowful song of nyckelharpa, a traditional Swedish instrument, comes between each verse. what unreciprocated love does to a person

“Echo’s Song” is the newest addition to Herald K’s project of mythological songs that will, in the end, become an album called “Mythologies”. Previous songs have included stories about “Wandering Aengus” in search of the silver trout that turned into a girl and ran off, and a heated story of passion and desperation of “Arethusa“, a stunning nymph and a river god, who fell in love with her and wanted her for himself. Each of those stories is surrounded by beautifully fitting instrumentation that vividly represents the surroundings in which the story takes place. You can pretty much breathe the smell of green moss and the enchanted crystal-clear waters.

“Echo’s Song” is out ¡LISTEN NOW!

Photos by Funky Eye.

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