Laurelight’s beautiful new single “Peaceful”

The always loveable Laurelight is back again with a beautiful new single titled “Peaceful”. The Italian-born and currently London-based artist keeps on his pop journey with big synths and Christine and the Queens-inspired Europop perfection. Following the success of “Open Your Eyes” and “Brighter Days“, the young singer brings us to a peaceful time and place.


His lyrical themes always revolve around the ‘the darker it gets, the brighter you become’ concept, and his newest release is no different. This time around he sings about letting go of the past, moving on from something unpleasant, and finally finding peace in the present. The lyrics sound anthemic because of the bigger-than-life production, with bright synths and a slow dream-pop beat that serves as the base from which his vocals take off.

Laurelight’s been doing this for a little while now, his very first singles are from 2020 in the pandemic times, and it’s beautiful to see how far he’s already come in such a short time. He sounds more confident and self-assured than ever, both in vocal performance and lyrics.

The way he sings about letting go and walking toward happiness is inspiring to anyone who hears it. It’s a very relatable song, exposing vulnerability and striving for peace in the most human way possible. Sometimes it can be hard to let go of something and as long as we keep holding on to it, peace of mind will never be an option. “Peaceful” is the moment in which Lorenzo flips that switch and decides that happiness and peace are worth the journey, even if it takes a bit of struggle to get there. ‘And now it’s finally peaceful‘.


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