I Panic – “Marry You”

The talented Dutch musician Marcel van Tetering is back again with his I Panic project and a brand new song written for Valentine’s Day: “Marry You”. Yeah, it’s a love song. But like most things Marcel does, there’s a twist to it. In this case, the chorus of the song titled “Marry You” goes like ‘I don’t want to marry you‘. Now we’re talking!


I Panic has already been featured on the blog with the excellent singles “Lost Song” and “(Welcome to the Night Of) Broken Promises“, and his newest release follows along in style: a 70s inspired pop rock piece, with gorgeous old-school production and influences from David Bowie and Elvis Costello at their finest. One trademark of van Tetering’s work is its theatricality, and this time this is especially palpable through the lyrics: it sounds like something written for a musical, and to be sung at the most pivotal climax scene between the two lovers.

Of course the ‘I don’t want to marry you’ bit is just a gag, “Marry You” is a heartfelt ballad about love. Throughout the lyrics, the narrator compares the object of their affection to beautiful things such as ‘a diamond in the light’ and ‘the moon that shines so bright’, always coming to the conclusion that taking a vow doesn’t seem necessary.

I’d rather just to share my life with you, every new day over and over again‘. It’s about finding love and finding something new to love about this person every day like they attain all the chaos of life to make sense of small things that they do. It’s about more than the feeling of simply being in love.

I Panic managed to make a love song that’s packed with all of the clichés everyone else has done before, but the ‘I don’t want to marry you’ makes it sound original and it takes a hot minute for you to actually fall for all the clichés. It leaves you with a smile on your face and makes you think of someone you’d sing this song to. And it’s good, clichés work so well for a reason. And after everything that’s ever been written, sung, or painted about it over the centuries; the feeling of Love still remains the biggest cliché of all, oh well.


I Panic "Marry You"

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