Frank Joshua’s in love in “Bluebell Wood”

Frank Joshua’s newest single “Bluebell Wood”. He fell in love in a world that prefers to ignore feelings as something opposing logic and reason. Now the two fresh lovers weave their way through each other’s personal world of feelings, hope mixed with fear. Feeling romantic in a world that praises career and materially tangible things, the couple is out exploring the fleeting and the intangible in this upcoming single to be released on Friday, February 24th, save the date.


The hopeful explorations of two loving people have been eloquently put into words by the British dreamy melodic pop artist. Reminiscing moments of seeing the loved one as beautiful as ever and the utter care taken when communicating as they explore one another’s feelings. Completely out of their comfort zone and yet feeling somehow comfortable whilst fearful of hurting each other’s feelings, “Bluebell Wood” sees two people tentatively building their shared romance despite all fears instilled into them by the cold harshness of the world surrounding them. A beautiful dreamy track with a sunny lightweight atmosphere and tender lyricism.

A colorful array of toy characters explore the emotional world in the song’s music video. The grayscale visual storybook-styled little movie starts off with a mother working near the bed in which her daughter lies. While the girl is sick with a fever, the toys with an optimistic naive ballerina as a central character role take off and build complex relationships with each other. Sometimes ignored or just seen as a fun sidekick, sometimes getting severely hurt and at the end realizing, who really stays around to console, the video clip shows that the search for something romantic and lovely is a jagged path. Still, one won’t find love without going through that process of making yourself vulnerable.

Like the loving people in his new single, Frank Joshua is keen on exploring intangible and emotional sides of life, be it the shaking foundation of a crumbling relationship held together by sheer stubbornness, and absolute loneliness experienced in the early morning silence, among others. Those emotional scenes meet Frank’s delicately crafted serene sound that blends multiple genres together, and the result is soul-touching music.

“Bluebell Wood” is set to release on February 24th. Click here now to hear it as soon right now! Also, make sure to check out his latest full-length release “Talk of Things” or go to the end of this article to find all the articles that we have about him.

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