Lump200 exciting dance in “I am the Elephant in The Room”

Lump200 continues to elevate the meaning of eccentricity and musical experimentation in this new single. “I Am The Elephant In The Room” is a psychedelic/avant-garde electronic track that combines the analog with the digital in a strangely exciting dance.


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your animal lover, MadZen, and today we will address the… upcoming single in the room (?). A very, very strange track not fit for the faint of heart, but perfect for the seekers of boundary dissolutions. Brought to us by this Berlin-based act, this single is funky, jazzy, and hella crazy. Let’s get to it!

Lump200 is an avant-garde project led by René Desalmand, a man who studied Jazz saxophone and (co-)produced a bunch of
radio plays and transmedial features before creating Lump200. He’s no stranger to the pursuit of new sounds and exploratory methods, as we could tell in his previous single Kryptomarch, released last year.

Now, René and his group of talented musicians are ready to return this February 24th with their second single off of their upcoming 5th album, “Isles of You”. The track is a trippy expression of wind instruments (including tuba and bass clarinet), bright synths, and even a vibraphone.


Vocals are present in their own dark and unique way, held together by an uneasy beat and agitated percussions. The result is a blend of chaotic textures where winds, synths, and beats come together, coexisting in a frantic dance of ecstasy. Funky grooves and unnerving recordings dance side by side in an intimate and somewhat scary simulation. So, go ahead and


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