Chris Caulfield’s new powerful single “Porchlight”

Chris Caulfield is a newcomer to the emo scene and brings new stuff to the scene in a such great way. No other genre of music is like emo. The voice of a generation of heartbroken misfits, emo has stayed pretty much the same since its inception. Sure, there are people who experiment with it and come up with amazing new stuff – but those of us who get it, just get it. From big, big names such as My Chemical Romance to newcomers like hellocentral and Nothing But a Nightmare, when you listen to a really good emo song, you just know what’s going on. No questions asked or needed.

On his latest track “Porchlight”, Chris Caulfield the Canadian singer and songwriter explore the soundscape of early 2000s emo with an absolutely new, fresh, and modern production and perspective. The slower tempo allows him to experiment with trap-style beats and vocals, building up and releasing tension at the same time.

Written about a rough period in his own marriage of twelve years, his lyrics talk about waiting for someone you hope it’s coming but don’t know for sure – he knows he’s done them wrong and asks for forgiveness and a new chance. So he’ll go to bed, but leave the porchlight on as a way of inviting that someone in, showing them it’s okay to come. They’re being expected and will be very much welcomed. Now all that’s left to do is hope that they come.

It’s, of course, an emotional track and concept – Chris leaves it all in the open, expressing vulnerability and owning up to his mistakes. The song serves as some kind of sequel to his “Walls Come Down“, also a song written about the same period of time. Thankfully, Chris and his wife were able to reconcile and come out of their crisis even stronger, and “Porchlight” is like an ‘alternate ending’.

According to Chris himself, this song is about the waiting that could’ve and would’ve happened if he and his wife didn’t work things out. It’s a dark perspective, but also somewhat of a love declaration.

“Porchlight” is an amazing track, beautifully written and performed by Chris Caulfield. It’s incredibly nuanced and rich, filled with feelings of love and longing – and mostly hope.




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