Chris Caulfield’s painful new track “Walls Come Down”

This is a very powerful track that tackles themes like falling apart with your soulmate, and even yourself. Luckily all turned out well for Chris Caulfield and his wife, and the rough time they endured turned into a fantastic single where both of them play a role in its dramatic conversation.

Hello everybody! It’s your homeboy, your best friend, and your favorite writer MadZen and I’m super glad to be here once again with y’all, ready to start a new and exciting week. Today we have a very special single brought to us by our favorite Canadian emo-trap artist, Chris Caulfield. Let’s get to it!

After releasing his previous singles Stockholm Syndrome, and Feelings, Chris returns with yet another emotional track delivered with the songwriter’s unique ability to convey feelings, only this time he comes with the vocal support of none other than his wife!

Walls Come Down” was born from what Chris calls one of the worst periods of his life. Unable to connect with his wife after 12 years of marriage, and even failing to find himself, Chris was seeing both him and his marriage falling apart. Fortunately, they both came out stronger on the other side and this song was left as proof of their undeniable resilience, and as an alleviative work of art.

“I can remember my wife repeatedly commenting how this wasn’t real, this wasn’t me, nothing was making sense, and in retrospect, I of course agree, and it’s part of what made this such an awful stretch, that feeling of not being able to really connect with where you were mentally, emotionally in a moment,”

Chris Caulfield

Written as a conversation between Chris and his wife, this song comes with a flawless trap beat mixed with impassioned, 2000s emo-rock sensibilities. Moody acoustic guitars, tight bass, clever transitions, and a solid drumbeat set the foundation for a track that hits like a bullet straight to the heart. To make things even more authentic, Chris’ wife actually sings her conversational parts.

Enduring through mental health struggles, chronic pain, and work stress, Caulfield is an example of tenacity as he continues to make music his solace. From working on two singles with two European independent labels to scoring the opportunity to write music for TV and film, and finally, an artist development project on the homefront with a Canadian indie label, Caulfield finds no limits to what he can do.

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