“Stop What You’re Doing” and check out Rob Lea’s new EP

There are some outstanding releases coming up from independent artists as we “march” towards March. You should keep an eye out for Rob Lea in particular. The quickly rising, indie-alt-rocker is set to release his debut EP on March 3rd, 2023. The title of the 5-track collection is “Stop What You’re Doing.”

The EP will feature his outstanding earlier singles (including ones we’ve previously covered here on #LT1KF: “Time of My Life” and “Freak“). A multifaceted artist, Lea debuted with his single “Reflection” almost a year ago. With a sound that takes a listener across a spectrum of rock riffs to pop vibes to expressive ballads, he has received praise for his broad mix of musical inspirations.

In celebration of the release, Lea will be giving away 1000 signed copies over the coming weeks! Make sure to keep up with his official website for tour dates and more info! The EP will also feature the infectiously melodic, brand new, and previously unreleased song “High.”

“I love music of all kinds and I love how music can take the listener through all the colours that life throws at you. I’m so excited for people to hear this EP. I think when they hear the music together, they will get what I’m trying to do, which is to take them on a journey of some of the highs and lows of life. Ultimately, I want people to know they are not alone.”

Rob Lea

My overall impression of the EP in its entirety is that it is yet another exhilarating step forward for the rapidly developing talent is the blending of his sunny voice with soaring pop production. Born in Leeds, he is currently a Blackpool (U.K.) based artist. He has quite a remarkable backstory as he first made a name for himself on television when he competed in the ITV talent show hosted by Olly Murs.

He performed as Freddie Mercury on the show and has a history of fronting Queen tribute bands, which is mind-blowing to me. I was already astounded by his vocal performances in the past with his original music, but I found this new piece of his artistic history especially fascinating. Not to mention, impressive, as Freddie Mercury is one of my (as well as many others’) favorite all-time artists.

Track Lineup for Stop What You’re Doing by Rob Lea:

The first track on the EP, “Freak,” is packed full of funky attitude. It reminds me of alternative rock acts such as Finger Eleven and the direction The Killers have been going lately. The second track “Summer in the Morning” shifts gears into a phenomenal Motown/ Summer Pop song vibe. Vocally competent would be an understatement, Lea showcases a lot of range on this track. In my opinion, this is the standout track of the collection.

Three tracks in you hear “Time of My Life,” the song I have been most familiar with by Lea, it strikes me as his “signature” tune. There’s some nice guitar work in it, vocally dynamic, big chorus hooks built for singing along, and cheeky lyrics just to give it that bit of edge. You will be four tracks in before you hear the brand-new “High” and just seconds into listening to this one it became my personal favorite. There’s a crunchy guitar riff walking the main rhythm, a slower paced Green Day sensibility to it.

There are nice wah-pedal guitar annotations on the lead parts which I caught on to as well as a bluesy guitar solo with a cool octave effect on it. Vocally, the harmonies and melodies are so on point and have a “Beatle-esque” type of quality to them, the kind where you get contact high just from listening to them.

And to close out the EP, Lea does so none other than with the first single released (now that’s full circle). It is the emotive ballad “Reflection.” Lea’s ability to transition from head voice to chest voice is on full display in this track. The introspective lyrics and stripped-down piano-centered arrangement reminded me of some of my favorite aspects of artists like Elton John and Billy Joel.

I’m really looking forward to adding this release to my library and spinning the new track on the station.

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