Aggressive Soccer Moms “QUINT”

Just like a less angry and more jazzy Killing Joke, “QUINT” by Aggressive Soccer Moms presents an underground and experimental sound with influences from Lo-Fi Post-Punk to electronica. 9 Tracks of progressive and experimental songs that sound like no other, in a pursuit to break genre limitations.



What’s goin’ on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy, MadZen and today I’m very pleased to announce this brand-new album. A very unique one, quite bizarre, but strangely pleasing and soothing from time to time… Brought to us by this (now) trio from Sweden, this album is contemplative and disruptive at the same time. Let’s get to it!

Aggressive Soccer Moms used to be a Lo-FI Post Punk duo from Stockholm, but with the recent addition of a new member, Stefan Wistrand, the duo is now a trio! They are known for introducing jazz sounds into a stubbornly monotonous soundscape, and the tracks within QUINT are no different.

“QUINT” is the group’s seventh album since their debut with “Groucho No.5”, which was released in March 2019. The production pace is high and will remain so. We can already promise that “Eight” will be released this year.

Aggressive Soccer Moms QUINT

The album comes with some familiar tracks, previously released as singles, such as “Darling” and “That’s How I Feel“. The new songs are a mix between laid-back and sometimes frantic beats and, for the first time in their history, the trio has recorded a cover. A version of Yoko Ono’s “Why”.

Her way of approaching music has many similarities to ASM’s way of experimenting with their music. The monotony of her song “Why” is interspersed with rock’n’roll vibes as in “Sisters, O Sisters”. If any genre boundary is identified, it must be broken. All through her creations she has carried this attitude, which in turn has been an important inspiration for ASM.” – Aggressive Soccer Moms

As I mentioned, there are exciting tracks, and there are slow, more melodic, and laid-back tracks. Each song is quite unique and with an experimental vision. I’ve grown fond of tracks like “Like Columbus” and the final track “Who Would Ask”, which happen to be some of the most chilled songs. But there’s also a great level of excitement when it comes to tracks like “The Doppler Effect” and “Darling”.

All in all, the album is an amazing blend of soft and beautiful Sax melodies, with disruptive vocals and guitars. A must-listen for anyone pursuing a fresh new sound, so


Aggressive Soccer Moms

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