The Qwarks’ insanely good new single “Brunch at the End of the World”

Yet another insanely good track from the quirky Qwarks. “BATHEW” (hehe) is a very, very weird, yet very, very good track from these British psychedelic ambassadors.


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! You know who it is, and today we have a very interesting tune coming up in just a few days. A track that tackles the tricky subject of brunch over psychedelic hooky pop sensibilities mixed with proggy elements and a dose of social commentary and satire. Let’s get to it!

It’s pop psychedelia for all the senses.

The Qwarks "Brunch at the end of the World"

As y’all might know, The Qwarks are insane, musically speaking at least. And we love them for that. Last year saw the release of their 2nd album “Let’s Go Let’s Grow!” (which they have failed to upload to the major streaming platforms yet – that’s coming; until then available on Bandcamp and these strange objects called CDs). Their unique psychedelia and sense of humor have charmed many listeners worldwide, and this year will yet again see a new run of crazy singles.

There are no good amount of words to accurately describe “BATHEW”. It is crazy getting crazier by the minute. An indecent dance of the end of the world. A vortex of nasty riffs, high-pitched vocals, and jumping drums. The choruses are amazing and once you think the track couldn’t get stranger, a wild final chorus of apocalyptic textures appears.

The song takes off from where their last album finished; the catastrophe has happened, but when it seems there is no hope is there not something defiant, something so courageous, about the determination to brunch? Against all odds, a hardened group of survivors clink glasses, take pictures, and discuss the latest gossip around the brunch table.

Here you have the music video directed by Stuart Macleod and featuring the puppetry of the incredible Vladimir Puppet Theatre


So, go ahead and LISTEN NOW

“Brunch at the end of the World” by The Qwarks!

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