Blu Joy’s vintage new album

From the ’50s and 60’s influence to a modern and fresh sound, Blu Joy’s self-titled album is a collection of melody-rich sounds, with vintage undertones. “Blue Joy” achieves to deliver good vibes like it’s nothing, with a warm embrace of crisp tones and wonderful vocals. Out now!


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen and today I’m super excited to present to you an album that’s so nice that it actually takes you back a few decades. A delightful mix of modern and vintage/classic sounds that will caress your ears and fill you with good energy. Let’s get to it!

Blu Joy was created by high school friends Kris Wilson and Niqo Robertson after meeting in their school band. Niqo discovered Kris’s passion for songwriting and soon after, the two were writing and jamming together. They are inspired by classics from the pop and rock of the mid-20th century, while also adding some 90’s influence from the Alternative and Indie Rock scene.

They launched their first EP “86” back in 2018, followed by three more EP’s in the following years. Since then they’ve been playing shows throughout Arizona, and with the addition of bassist and fellow Phoenix local Dylan Anthony, Blu Joy has now become a solid three-piece.

The album is so rich and full of great sounds from different eras. You will listen to some upbeat tracks like “Up and Down”, all the way to “My Baby”. Some tracks I’d like to highlight are “Heaven”; for its beautiful chorals; and “Divine” for its vintage sound that to this day remains relevant, with a songwriting style that warms the heart anytime you listen to it.

“All I Can Give” is also a pretty good song to emphasize. Its upbeat style mixed with a simple sound and a great groove makes it one of the best tracks on the album, a song that proves that the simplest things go a long way. Overall in the album there’s a lot of The Beatles influences, as well as modern Indie Rock legends like Franz Ferdinand and The Strokes giving the album a timeless quality.

The last track “Conflict”, presents a laid-back beat with pianos and bass. The lyrics are relatable and humane. It is probably the only track that stands out more for its modern sound and composition technique. More on the Pop side, this song is the perfect finale for an album that presents no flaws. So, go ahead, and listen now!

Blu Joy selftitled album

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