Clare Easdown’s dreamy trip-hop new single “To The One’s I Love”

The loveable and talented Australian power vocalist Clare Easdown, who doesn’t seem to ever stop working and releasing singles, is already back again with a brand new single, the dreamy and eerie “To The One’s I Love”.


Unlike “Burned Into My Past“, on the new track, the artist sails the trip-hop route by once again teaming up with Australian producer Jburnsmusic, the same pair that gave us the great “Wrap Me Up” earlier in the year, Clare this time around sings for and about and for the ones without a voice.

According to the singer herself, this track “is an anthem for all the misfits, those who feel completely ignored, discarded, and excluded from the pack. You are not alone”, Clare concludes with the inspirations behind the breathtaking single. “I feel invisible to the one’s I love”, she sings in the very first verse not even a full second into it. From there on in, Clare soars her ever-competent dream pop-like vocals over grimy synth hooks and trap beats, creating almost an immersive experience for the listener.

On “To The One’s I Love”, Clare and Jburnsmusic take the best parts of both Portishead and Ethel Cain and make them completely their own. The vulnerability exposed by Clare in the lyrics is also at its peak, as she sings about how much the people she loves are hurting her by ignoring her existence.

Even though the lyrics can get darker than anything we’ve covered from Clare in the past, her voice has a hopeful tone to it and keeps things from spiraling out of control. The production on this track is stellar, going neck deep in the trip-hop that “Wrap Me Up” hinted at, with an amazing vocal performance and delivery that just sells it from the very beginning – and it never loses its power.

Clare Easdown is a master of her craft, sounding like she’s the one completely in control at all times. The collaborations with Jburnsmusic keep giving us amazing singles, one after the other, and “To The One’s I Love” is the latest one in the very long line of excellent music this girl is releasing this year.

Clare Easdown "To The One's I Love"

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