Mad Painter releases new Full-Length Rocker “Splashed”

One of the Boston area’s newest acts, Mad Painter, has roots in 1970s melodic rock. They primarily perform original music, that spans from psychedelic rock from the Woodstock era to rock’n’roll with glam overtones like Mott the Hoople and Faces to anthemic stadium rock ethos a la Uriah Heep. The band consists of four individuals with varied backgrounds.



Alex Gitlin, is the concept’s writer and founding member, at the core of Mad Painter. Bassist Kenne Highland is a veteran of the Boston rock scene (ex-Gizmos, Hopelessly Obscure, Johnny & The Jumper Cables, Africa Corps) and in conjunction with Drummer Al Hendry (Bubba Loaf, Tokyo Tramps) provide the project with a solid rhythmic foundation. Al Naha (Thighscrapers), a guitarist who performs with Kenne in Kenne Highland Airforce, is the latest addition to the group.

The best way I could describe Mad Painter in terms of their sound is that it’s inventive, energizing, and melodic with a distinctly retro vibe. Their catalog is made up of 2 singles over the last couple of years and a full-length album self-titled album released in 2016. “Splashed,” the band’s latest release, a whopping 17-track full-length album, is slated to be released on March 15, 2023.

Illusion” and “Rock and Roll Samurai,” the two singles previously released, have been warmly received and carry that momentum into the full-length release. Check out #LT1KF‘s coverage of the previous release here: “Rock and Roll Samurai.”

The band performs in numerous venues across the Boston region. Collectively, and amidst various lineups and stage names, they have experience playing quite a few notable venues including the MIT, Out of the Blue Gallery, McGann’s, Hennessy’s, Club Bohemia, The Jungle Community Music Club, C Note in Hull, as well as the Winter Tanglefest in the Poconos. Taking in their show is something the band takes great pride in. They aim for an always enjoyable experience insomuch as you know what to expect: nostalgic 70s rock vibes, extravagant stage attire that fits the vibe, excellent musicianship, and songs that will have you dancing and singing along. Or, as the band puts it quite simply, “a party.”

“Splashed” Track Listing:

  1. Illusion
  2. Parting Line
  3. River
  4. Stealin’
  5. Highway Driver
  6. Rock and Roll Samurai
  7. Lie to Me
  8. I’ve Been a Fool
  9. Jacques
  10. A Friend in France
  11. Let Him Go
  12. I Don’t Know
  13. San Michel
  14. The Moon
  15. Love is Gold
  16. You Nearly Stole My Heart Away
  17. I Live for Love

Overall, the entire album is a rock experience in the style of Meatloaf; it has elements of the Rocky Horror Picture Show to it, in my opinion. To list out and describe every song on the 17-track operatic album in bullet points would be repetitive, but there are quite a few standout deliverables that should be emphasized along the way:

Their hallmark song, “Illusion,” which serves as a good example of everything that covers their direct influences, is what I refer to as their signature music.

My favorite line from the album comes by the way of the track “Stealin.” The hook repeats, “Stealin when I should have been buying time.” I’m reminded of a David Lee Roth song by the general atmosphere and energy.

“Highway Driver” – What rock opera would be complete without epic organs, and a road song? Let’s go on a road trip!

In my opinion, “Rock and Roll Samurai,” a humorous, uplifting, and theatrical work, is the “hit” on the album.

My personal fave is “I Don’t Know”. I adore the sound of electric pianos. It sounds very ’70s. makes me think of Super Tramp. Very danceable.

“River” is a super upbeat tune with a variety of musical elements. This track encompasses some gospel, “Vegas-era” Elvis, blues licks, and a country shuffle. Listen to AMS Radio first for this one! For a chance to hear it before the album drops, tune-in Tuesday through Thursday at 6 PM PST / 9PM EST for #LT1KF Indie Hour!


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