Skar de Line’s new confessional and contradictory Fourth Chapter in “A Way”

The talented London-based, Swedish-born songwriter and filmmaker Skar de Line gifts us with the fourth installment of his autobiographical journey. Over the past months, we’ve covered the whole thing already – from the darkness of “Reset“, the sunny energy of “New Silhouettes” and the confident “No Eyes in Paradise“. Now, the artist keeps things moving forward with his brand new track and chapter: “A Way”.


Sonically, “A Way” manages to keep pace and features all of his trademarks: a very vivid cinematic dynamic, hip-hop influences, orchestral soundscapes, and an indie pop sensibility that shines through it all. His vocal performance on this one, much like before, is definitely noteworthy since he manages to change vibes and tempos in the blink of an eye and make it all work from the very first second.

“A Way” features a more pop-forward sound, with catchy synth lines that accompany the vocals and set the tone – much like something we’d hear in an early M83 track. There’s also an organ in the intro! Pretty epic stuff, if I might say. It’s good, the synths and beats ground everything, allowing Skar’s vocals to soar and shine. The use of echoes and reverb on the vocals and instrumentation adds an extra layer of deepness to it all, keeping things catchy and fun to listen to.

Skar de Line "A Way"

In the lyrics, however, things get a bit darker: written about a real-life experience in which Skar intervened and helped save a man from a suicide attempt. But things, as in life, are never simple and the feelings he’s experienced weren’t positive ones of caring; but of selfishness. No matter what would’ve happened that night, even if that man had died, Skar would’ve still experienced something exciting for himself. The confessional nature of the contradictory feelings he exposes in this track makes it extremely vulnerable; it can’t be easy to admit feeling selfish when you literally saved another person’s life. But he does it, admirably. And exposes another side of human nature along the way: the nihilistic truth.

This is all very subtly and respectfully pictured in the self-directed music video for the song. It features Skar on a large body of water, reflecting alone at night about how he truly felt that day. There’s an eerie atmosphere and shots of nature such as rocks falling, clouds changing, rain coming down, and birds taking flight – and Skar just sits there with a sad expression on his face, thinking about his own sense of morality and questioning himself. Until we see that there’s someone else sitting beside him, a hooded person whose face we never get to see. Will this time the outcome be different?


“A Way” is out on every digital and streaming platform on Thursday,
March 16th alongside the awaited music video on March 23rd

“A Way” does a remarkable job to keep Skar de Line’s autobiographical suites of music going forward. This is definitely one of the hardest and most interesting chapters, and the way Skar bears it all makes it even more delicate. Given the subject matter, it never gets too dark or disturbing: it’s still a pretty great pop song, drenched to the bones in honesty. And I can’t wait to keep going on this journey with him!


Skar de Line "A Way"

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