Alexa Lash explores stages of a failing relationship in her new EP “Heartbreak in Movements”

Dropped just over the weekend, Alexa Lash’s new release “Heartbreak in Movements” is a 5-part EP concentrating on 5 major feelings witnessed through the viewpoint of a woman facing a relationship gone toxic.

Delicately carried out in an open acoustic setting, the EP features stunning piano and strings offering an emotionally charged backdrop to Alexa’s vocals singing out all that’s been building up in her heart. Each song of the release speaks of one major emotion in a diary-esque way that also highlights the smaller nuances. As a result, the EP hits as both deeply personal and also highly relevant to anyone who has gone through the pain of breaking up.

Following the path of a relationship about to crumble apart, the story begins with disappointment in a track titled “Not Fine”. In addition to dissecting the depths of romantic disappointment, this song devotes a part of itself to the artist’s personal relationship with music and how it helps to heal her.

“It’s a statement on self-criticism, mental health, and a journey to a better understanding of relationships. It’s about facing the origins of disappointment and coming to terms with overcoming these struggles to get to a healthier place to love.”

Alexa Lash

It’s followed by a much darker “Weak”, a song about questioning the true face of love in this particular relationship, in the end realizing that this is not what love is supposed to be like.

“This song is a coming to terms, a realization, a self-discovery – and ultimately, a chance to move forward.”

Alexa Lash

The toxic relationship struggle continues in “Miracle”. Stuck in a space that isn’t good, the song fights back at the toxic nature of this relationship and asks for a miracle to set things straight again. Next in the journey is a powerful cinematic song “Let Her Move On”, a breakup anthem that calls out to the partner to let her move on, whilst at the same time it deals with wounds that came from this relationship. The journey ends on a nostalgic note with “MIA”, charged song reminiscing on the lost romance, wondering if the partner still thinks of her.

“Heartbreak in Movements” was born out of a collaboration between Alexa Lash and two Miami musicians – a cellist Jose Pradas and violinist Belinda Stohner, who added a whole new layer of depth to the music with their emotional string sections.

“I’ve been working on this album for over a year and I really love it. It’s a testament to hard work, collaboration, and being patient with yourself and your capabilities. I really can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Alexa Lash
Listen now to “Heartbreak in Movements” by Alexa Lash on Spotify.

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