FOLSOM one hell of a ride “Old Pop’s Truck”

FOLSOM’S new track “Old Pop’s Truck is a Southern Rock song about… a truck! But not just any truck… Old Pop’s truck. The truck of a hard-working man who does a great job at keeping it running. Anyways, this single is not only about trucks. It’s about friendship and perseverance… but it’s mostly about the truck. Out now!

“We also take the opportunity of this song to congratulate Pop for the arrival of his first child”

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we will get our hands filthy and our t-shirts greasy (that rhymes) with this exciting new track filled with exciting guitar riffs and southern-inspired melodies. Some Lynyrd Skynyrd influences are in there as well. Let’s get to it!

We, Folsom are very happy to be on your playlist with our song.

FOLSOM is a heavy blues rock band from… France?? Ok, hold up this changes things a lot. I mean, I truly believed these guys were from Tennessee or something. Lol, outstanding. Anyways, these guys mix up blues, southern rock vibes, aggressive grooves, and heavy parts, taking you on a one-way trip while boosting you with concentrated energy! 

The such truck actually exists, and Pop is a good friend of the band. As I mentioned before, the song was inspired by Pop’s tireless work to keep his truck running. And let me tell you guys, it is indeed one hell of a ride. Fueled with edge-cutting guitars and deep, raspy vocals, this track is a delightful experience for any Rock fan out there.

Pop, the friend we dedicated this song to, is a gifted tattoo master and photographer supporting the band since the beginning. He is really a big friend of ours. We did even attend his marriage with his beautiful wife Magda at the Hellfest (a big Metal festival here in France). He is a member of the Folsom family And we love trucks and motorbikes too!” – FOLSOM

Fans of Clutch will easily appreciate this single. The rhythm section is wild and solid, and the bed of vocals really adds a lot to the excitement. It is a song with several twists and turns that will keep you on your hills, as you head-bang to its powerful groove. So, go ahead and listen now!

FOLSOM is a heavy blues rock band from France. Rocking it, providing good times and tasty riffs since 2013. The four horsemen are: Peter Cattet: Vocals & Guitar, Florian Garcin: Lead guitar, Theo Defranoux: Bass, and Leo Flank: Drums

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