Proklaim shares a blast of fresh energy in new single “Somebody”

The Namibian rap artist Proklaim is back with a new dose of unique powerful rhymes and beats. This time it’s a banging tune coming supercharged with positivity. Named “Somebody”, the track sees the path of a person pursuing their own purpose and working hard on becoming Somebody in their life.


Marrying chilled, laidback beats together with a solid, effortless torrent of rhymes, Proklaim’s Carpe Diem ethos glows like warm fire throughout the track. In fact, it could very well be the subtitle for “Somebody”, as it sets the determined and immediate flow with impactful verses speaking about going into building a better life and becoming the person you want to be. “Somebody” reflects the depth and seriousness well, welcoming the challenges without glossing over the struggles that come with it. The beat side of the tune provides more than enough driving energy to pick up just about anyone in need of a nudge.

“Somebody” is the second released track of this year for the artist. This multi-talented artist definitely stays busy, looking at how much music he had out in the previous year, 2022. We have featured on this blog three previous tracks, make sure to check out his older singles “Priceless“, “Options” as well as “Runnin“. He keeps carving out his own fiercely original sound with no shred of care for what gains the most attention in mainstream flow. What he does care about a lot, is being true to yourself, and he propels that notion up and outwards with rather incredible beats that are definitely best enjoyed at a volume that you can feel.

Proklaim "Somebody" artwork

Proklaim is very much conscious of the impact of thoughts. The above was sent to us by the artist and I feel it’s a very good reminder of what harmful thoughts can do to us.

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