Lily Welch speaks of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery in healing new EP “Medicine”

Lily Welch, a fresh-faced independent singer-songwriter, releases her debut EP “Medicine”. Full of bedroom pop goodness and gentle, diary-like lyricism, the EP opens a window to the artist’s perspective of living as an emotional human being living through a stressful time.

Lily found music for herself since she was a little child, and songwriting when her dad taught the budging teenage musician to play guitar. Having grown up surrounded by the written word (her parents were avid readers) and music, Lily Welch embraced music as another way of self-expression and voicing what is happening inside. Music is also a method of healing, and as a matter of fact, the new record “Medicine” was written during an anxious time in her life.

Lily Welch "Medicine"

“Medicine”, referred to as the self-care record by the artist, is home to 6 tracks with each touching its chapter experienced as Lily grew older and learned to know herself. Some of the songs unravel romantic relationships and love as it is, but there’s also an honest and deep discussion about anxiety and feeling as if everything is falling apart around her. One song in particular, “The Wight of It” tackles the dynamics of Lily’s relationship with her mother.

The emotional core of the EP is surrounded by nocturnal-sounding intimate pop instrumentation. It’s warm, a bit fuzzy and dim, and comfortably cozy. It does feel like good medicine, healing from heartbreaks and anxiety attacks in the comfort of your room with comfort food and warm blankets. It’s a heavy chapter, but one that’s now history for Lily Welch, and “Medicine” is now out to reach listeners with the intent of moving them just like music has moved and healed the artist behind the record.


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