“Factory “of Noise – Cheree great debut EP

An industrial-adjacent, smash-mouth, noise-rock band by the name of Cheree, hailing from Oakland, California, has recently unleashed their debut EP titled, “Factory,” last Friday (as of the time this is written) on March 24th upon our unsuspecting world. The timing is impeccable and ripe for the picking as Bandcamp Friday is coming up next week! That’s right Bandcampers, we have ourselves a #BandcampFriday alert.

Insomuch as upon listening to the EP it immediately went into my Wishlist for the occasion. To sweeten that deal, it’s also available on vinyl. Their sound is raw, hardcore, and sonically chaotic which, if you happen to know me, is right up my alley. Seconds into the EP’s opening track “A Choice,” you are led down a path of expecting something electro. An upbeat, synth-laden drumbeat implies an air of something industrial about to happen, maybe we’re going in a NIN direction? Maybe we’re going to slip into some post-punk vibes? Alas, no.

A heavily distorted guitar teases otherwise right before you are hit with a wall of sound reminiscent of some of my favorite Pacific Northwest acts like Bikini Kill, Babes in Toyland, and Tad at the 25-second mark. The additional layer of that industrial synth sampling is what makes this band stand out from those others it reminds me of, and what makes their overall sound unique and remarkable.


Cheree is comprised of:

Vanessa Hernandez at vocals

Mikayla Rivas at guitar

Zachary Alexander at guitar and sampling/programming

Jordan Martich at Bass

Like many of the projects I’ve written about in recent years, Cheree is a product of the pandemic lockdown. Zach had spent that time experimenting with an MPC sampler (I love those things) and that is effectively what borne a rhymical foundation for what was to be the band. Zach and Mikayla took that experimentation further in 2021 and began writing structures of songs.

Once Jordan and Vanessa joined the project, compositions were solidified and finished, resulting in the tracks featured on the EP. At that point the band began gigging locally in the Bay Area sharing bills with notable regional acts in the area such as Body Double, Nopes, Loma Prieta, and many more. Eventually, Cherub Dream Records partnered with the band, and the EP (recorded at Sharkbite Studios with Ryan Ellery) was released.

The band’s lyricism is stark and conveys concepts of dystopia, frustration, and an ethos counter to late-stage capitalism. I love how the overdriven guitars ring out in dissonance and feedback during parts of the arrangements, I’ve often defined this type of thing as “structured chaos.” It makes the dynamics of a song feel like a roller coaster of sorts. In my own personal experience, the vibe I get from this band reminds me of one of my favorite local bands here in Portland called Help, and my goodness, if only someone at Cherub Dream and Nadine Records would link up to make that bill happen, I’d be falling over myself to get to that show! One can dream.

Cheree band members

Cheree plays with a fury, fit for anyone who is into hardcore punk as well as some of the “riot-girl” movement in the early 90s underground. The band directly cites Sonic Youth, Killing Joke, Godflesh, Die Kreuzen, and No Trend as direct influences on their music. Would definitely recommend this band for fans of those acts as well. Subsequent to Bandcamp Friday next week, I’ll definitely have some of this EP spinning on the radio station.

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