J0VANNA’s new single “Stupid Face” is a simple and pure love song

We’re very pleased to report that the lovely and talented singer and songwriter J0VANNA is back with her third single, “Stupid Face”. The South Florida-based artist continues to play with her blend of indie pop and R&B, adding even more swagger and soul to her vocals this time.


Her first new single since 2021’s “TwentyOne“, this time around J0VANNA goes all in with a lighthearted, fun, and silly song about being in love. “I wanted this song to be completely different from the other two singles I’ve released”, the artist herself says about the new music. “If you have that someone who you can be silly with, then hopefully you can relate to this song”, she concludes.

This is the best way to describe “Stupid Face”, it’s an honest song about feeling so comfortable around someone that you don’t mind making a fool of yourself in front of them – but intimately and lovingly. There’s no secondhand embarrassment when we listen to it, just a big grin that can’t help but creep its way into your face.

“Stupid Face” stands on its own amongst this girl’s short but stellar discography so far exactly because of said silliness. Her debut single “Brain On Fire” was a gorgeous track written about her struggles with OCD, pain, and anxiety. “TwentyOne” was about feeling the weight of getting older and sensing the time passing by around you. But “Stupid Face”, is just about having fun. The lightness of it all translates to the music itself as well, having once again been produced by Terrence Rolle and mastered by Dave Kutch, the production on “Stupid Face” takes the sounds explored by J0VANNA on “TwentyOne” and broadens them even further – and it sounds so good!

Woke up this morning with a smile upon my face, the thought of you always makes my day‘ are the opening lines to the song. Simple, but nonetheless effective. J0VANNA has already shown us that experiencing feelings to their fullest extent and taking us along for the ride is one of her strengths as a lyricist, and now she delivers a love song like few others. There’s a sense of purity around it, when she sings ‘I’ll do anything for that stupid face’, there’s probably someone who comes to your mind when you listen to it – so you know exactly what she means, and you can’t help but smile. That’s love. And she nails it!


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