Flatfoot Sam’s mature new EP “Zeitgeist”

Flatfoot Sam’s EP “Zeitgeist is an extremely exquisite example of what sampling and sound design can be. With a masterful hand, the British producer brings Tripfield to another level. Out now!

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen and today I must say that it’s a pleasure to review this EP as it is one of the very best we’ve received so far this year. A wonderful 5-track collection of electronica tracks inspired by the Leftfield sound of the 90’s. Let’s get to it!

The artwork is another awesome synapse-response from madenoise.com visually conjuring the TripField vibe to perfection.

When we speak of Leftfield we understand it as “anything with a “quirky” component, or anything that’s atypical of its genre, or to which no other style really seems to apply.” This EP has no shortage of such. Flatfoot Sam reinvented himself as a magician creating new tricks.

The overall sound is so transparent and mature, for lack of better words. The amount of care put into every little detail can be literally heard, every kick and every snare, every reverb and delay effect. Flatfoot has created a landscape so unusual that you might struggle to connect it to anything you’ve heard before.

Tracks like “Come”, “Ascend”, and “Bottles” are pristine performances of drum play, imagination, and audio samples usage. Time feels weightless and the rhythms seem to have a life of their own. But my favorite tracks, by far, are “Helch” and the previously released single Boathouse.

Both tracks share a unique energy that takes you off balance with their sonic performance and brilliant production techniques. The emotions you might feel while and after listening are not very common and if you’re lucky, you’ll be transported even to another dimension. So, yes, listen now!

Flatfoot Sam portrait


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