Under Delusion desires to “Dive” into you in passionate new single

The question remains though – whether to go about it slowly and carefully as if you’re sipping a very hot cup of new tea blend or go right in like an extreme water sports fan with a will in the back pocket. Under Delusion treads the fine balancing line between the two extremes in their freshly released single of passion called “Dive”.

Imagine the level of passion so high that it eclipses the last bit of your otherwise level-headed personality. In place of that stands a person of desire, a newly arrived love interest. You don’t know anything about them and neither do they, and you’re driven by the strong tidal impulse to learn everything about them. Even the most mundane little fact such as their preferred color of ballpoint pen ink and a type of cereal is everything.

Under Delusion "Dive" Artwpork

“Dive” arrives with a growling undertone that sounds like a forthcoming earthquake, setting a fittingly dark atmosphere for the sultry low voice of the lead vocalist. That’s accompanied by an infinitely energizing blend of modern rock driven by the sheer power of that passion the single is about. The emotional intensity in this song is undeniable in both the intimate love-driven lyrics, and the wall-of-passion instrumentation with rather incredible drums and ferocious guitars.

Both those with long-term commitment in mind, and the one-night thrill seekers would recognise themselves in “Dive”. Under Delusion, the synth-rock band with psychedelic sound loves to tackle themes of love and desire, as well as everything else that comes along with human existence. All that is tastefully packaged in music that will leave a lasting impression.

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