Butterfly Garden great debut LP “This Was Gonna Last”

Butterfly Garden, an Indie Rock band from Asbury Park, USA, have finally released their debut album “This Was Gonna Last”. After years of hard work, lots of ups and downs, and a lot of accumulated stories, these four friends have created a beautiful and sonically rich piece of art. Out now!

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back” It’s your boy MadZen and today we have a very, very pretty release filled with jazz-infused melodies and folk-rock-inspired tunes. 9 tracks created from the heart and with a very bright aura that shines through these twisted times. Let’s get it!

Butterfly Garden is comprised of Crosby Collins (guitar, vocals), Kieran Collins (drums), Lucas Ihnat (guitar, vocals), and Matt Banks (bass). An up-and-coming band from the Jersey Shore with a unique Indie Rock style that includes image-laden, relatable lyrics often referencing awkwardness, indifference, and abandonment, with others as anthems of love, hope, passion, and nostalgia. Either way, their lyrics reflect the same thing, that life is full of love and pain, but through it all, learning to love yourself is most important.

“Kieran and I are brothers, so I’ve known him since he came home from the hospital. The two of us met Lucas around 7 years ago when we joined Lakehouse Music Academy, a music school in Asbury Park, NJ. The three of us were placed into a 50s cover band called the Time Warpers. Eventually, that band dissolved, and the three of us formed a new one. Lots of other kids joined and left the band through the years: singers, pianists, and guitarists. A few years ago, the lineup stabilized. Only Kieran, Lucas, and me were left. We needed a new bass player, and that’s when Matt joined! Since then, Butterfly Garden has been what it is today.”

“This Was Gonna Last” is the band’s debut full-length album, one which took 50 hours to make. In their own words, “the process was extremely rewarding, including the more tedious aspects of recording”. Recording an album is not an easy task at all, but these guys found solace in their studios and created a memorable musical experience. Each song has a unique shine, with amazingly achieved tones, some of them being close to the experimental spectrum.

The music is, in a word, soothing, yet they manage to create a sense of expectation and excitement with every bar, every chord, and every lyric. To me, the songs that most stand out are “Bradley”, “Little Moon”, “Waste Of Time”, “Sirenita”, and the intimate and emotive finale “Virginia”. Just like they say, you can feel the beauty, as well as the weight, of life in every verse.

Personal stories, memorable melodies, complex guitar riffs, and interesting time signatures add a lot to this work of art, with a level of complexity rarely heard in this type of genre. Whether you listen from start to finish or in individual plays, there’s a lot to discover inside “This Was Gonna Last”.

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