MAL’s exciting single “Besides”

American Alternative rockers MAL is preparing to drop their exciting new single “Besides”. A grungy tune filled with lots of emotion and an unusual musical arrangement that should take you for a spin.


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s ya boy, MadZen, and today we have a really cool track with a high dose of raspy vocals and earth-shaking drums. A tight groove sets the foundation while thrilling melodies surround our ears. A song made to look like a love song/break-up song between two lovers, but in reality being a social commentary on the divisiveness of the current binary political climate. Let’s get to it!

MAL is an Alternative Rock band from Van Nuys, USA of whom we had the pleasure to review their previous single Come to Light. MAL stands out for blending their Rock, Grunge, and Metal influences to deliver a profound and rich sound that makes our bones shake and our skin sweat. This time, the rock and roll outfit got political, but still rocking in every sense of the word.


“Besides” begins as a soft tune, with a bass tone that would satisfy any sound geek. Guitars are sharp and spontaneous, carrying us with their tender melodies before the high-gained choruses. Drums are tight, slamming, vivid, and bright, everything you need to feel that raw power of any kind of Rock.


Vocals span from emotive to aggressive. From low to high and soft to loud. A performance of true American power, and a vision that stands apart from the rest. High sonic qualities and unique originality make “Besides” a fantastic listening experience from top to bottom.

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