DCxPC New Volume 15: No Coffin

Road warriors No Coffin played more than 160 shows last year. Who better then, may I ask you, my dear friends, to feature on the next on DCxPC Live? Needless to say, that question is completely rhetorical! Volume Fifteen of the DCxPC Live vinyl catalog does in fact bring it heavy, via No Coffin, live from Lou’s in Orlando.

The performance was officially released March 16th. I absolutely love how heavy this band is while incorporating hardcore punk rock roots to the sound. This “Heavy as hell, but underlying punk ethos” approach is a similar one to Knocked Loose (one of my all-time favorite bands); but the resulting overall sound that No Coffin conveys is weighted more doom metal and elements of thrash, making it an interesting and raucous experience.


No Coffin single promo "Godkiller"

No Coffin is a side project of members from the metal band Cowards & Thieves. They jumped on a bill for a show with a familiar band that we’ve written about here on the blog as well, Some Kind of Nightmare (Volume 9 in the catalog), and thus the connection with DCxPC was established priming what was to become Volume 15. Mr. P (one of the founders of DCxPC) reflect on his first impressions of the band in the liner notes of the record:

I was hooked right away. This was some killer metal but with great hardcore/punk influences. It was fast as hell, dirty as fuck, and heavier than I’d seen in a long time. Mike wasted little time in asking them to jump on the April show where we were recording Fortitude and Moat Cobra at Lou’s. The dudes were totally in and thus I had plans to not only see them live again soon, but to also record them. You’ve got the record in your hand, so you know how much it rules. And if you bought it, it also means you’ve probably seen these road warriors at some club, basement or VFW hall in 2022. I know when I saw them at Fest in October, they had played well over 120 shows that year. Between these dudes and Some Kind of Nightmare, I don’t know who tours more. If you’ve never seen them, then sit back and enjoy this shit, and then find the nearest show they are playing around you and go. And if they aren’t then reach out and ask them to come. It will be worth it.


No Coffin’s lineup is comprised of:

Chris – Bass/ Vocals

SB – Drums/Vocals

WG- Guitar

Their performance on this record happened on 04/22/2022. As with a majority of DCxPC Live’s releases, it was mixed and mastered at the genius hands of Joshua Dobbs at Danger Room Recording. Artwork by Jessica Hadas (@starbytez on Insta). I’m really looking forward to this record arriving soon for my vinyl collection! We’re spinning “God Killer” on AMS Radio! Tune in for LT1KF Indie Hour time slots for a chance to hear it along with many other fantastic independent and DIY artists featured here on the blog.

Don’t forget to support this project and follow No Coffin on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, SoundCloud, YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify. You can also visit their official website. If you enjoy their music and can provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp.

It also helps to stream and share their music; you can find it in the following Playlists: Sickest & Dopest, Unknown But Essentials!, Hot Stuff Metal, and Only Punk.

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