M.Krebs Drops a Killer New Album “Peggy Lee”

Recorded in conjunction across the Pacific Ocean (Seattle, WA, and N.Kohala, HI); Brian Yeager, Jeff Alvarez, and Spencer Moody, a collective known as M.Krebs, recently released the album titled “Peggy Lee” on February 9th. The album conveys an emotive, raw, and poetic exploration of folk punk and alternative/indie ethos.

I immediately connected with it from the moment I pressed “play.” My initial first impression was that it reminded me of early Against Me! And as you take the audible journey through the entire album, you are also met with elements of vibey Shoegaze, heavily weighted on intense lyrical prowess. Kin to slam poetry put to an eclectic post-punk soundscape. Great album to put on and let your mind wander to.

Individually, each of the members of M.Krebs have a vast range of experience in various projects. Most notably The Murder City Devils, a band that is the origin of the connection between Spencer Moody and Brian Yeager, founders of M.Krebs. They also had some history of working together in a project called Deep Creep. As the story goes, like many during this time, song files began passing back and forth during the pandemic. Once Jeff Alvarez was added to the mix to perform the drumming, it all came together and thus M.Krebs was borne.

Peggy Lee” is technically the first release in the catalog, making this a particularly exciting project. This is some “fresh out of the oven” independent music that I would only expect much more exciting things to come from. In fact, the band has already stated that a second album is currently in the works. And to put a cherry on top of that, my fellow vinyl junkies, there is an LP slated for distribution in the fall via Displaced Snail Publications. Keep an eye out for that, I know I certainly will be!

I also love the fact, in my own implicit bias of course, that there’s a Pacific Northwest (PNW) element to the music. It’s one of those things that I can’t even verbally explain, maybe it’s because I live in Portland that somehow, I just kind of have a “PNW” ear for. It hit the radar. Another immediate connection I had with the work. The vocal delivery is something I find distinct about their sound.

Similarly, it reminds me of another PNW band here called Help. Not musically, Help musically goes deep into a noise-punk direction whereas M.Krebs vibes more like The Doors, but vocally in the way that the poetry is delivered. It distinctly personalizes the band overall. That delivery makes it to where when you are listening to the band, it’s undeniably signature. I love that!

Peggy Lee” is a 12-track full-length album; the track listing is as follows:

  1. John Prine
  2. Peggy Lee
  3. BB Jane
  4. Middle Ground
  5. Walk the Ocean Floor
  6. Howie Died
  7. Calm The Beast
  8. Tim Hardin
  9. Eyes in the Back of Her Head
  10. Desperate Measures Man
  11. You Were Just Being Cruel
  12. Songs in the Key of Maynard

You should listen to the whole album. It is a work of art that is an easy listen front to back. If I had to call out a couple tracks that I feel would be a great introduction to the band, their vibe, and signature sound, I would recommend “John Prine” and “You Were Just Being Cruel” those are my particular favorites personally. Tune into AMS Radio during the LT1KF Indie Hour for a chance to hear these two tunes in rotation as well as several other phenomenal independent and DIY artists. Cheers!

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