Emo indie star Chris Caulfield shares brand new single “Ugly”

Canadian-based emo superstar-in-the-indie-world Chris Caulfield is already back with a new track called “Ugly”, and it’s somewhat different than his previous songs. But in the best way possible! In “Ugly” he shifts his focus to the dark and unpleasant place that lies inside all of us and shines a big spotlight on it. It’s uncomfortable, like some of the best art that’s ever been made by anyone.


Moving away from his own troubled history that was “Porchlight“, this time around he wants to make us feel: something, anything. And it works from top to bottom. “Ugly” is a short track, with just over two and a half minutes, but it’s more than enough for Chris Cualfield to make his point very clear. When he sings ‘Cause I can watch you suffer, cause I can watch you bleed‘ on the pre-chorus, it sticks with you like a paper cut.

The production of “Ugly” is a masterpiece: it’s dynamic and ever-changing; it’s an incredibly raw and honest song about facing the worst parts of ourselves. But Chris somehow still makes it sound catchy and fun to listen to! I’m telling you, this guy is an emo mastermind that just keeps getting better and better – and we are all the better for it.


Chris Caulfield "Ugly" artwork

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