Clare Easdown’s revolutionary track “Not Ready to Die”

It is my absolute pleasure to be once again talking about the lovely and talented Australian artist Clare Easdown. This time around, she brings a brand new track titled “Not Ready to Die” and everything about this is a revolution on its own, making it sound oh-so-special from beginning to end.

To kick things off, on “Not Ready to Die” Clare wrote lyrics from the point of view of the Earth. Yes, our very own planet – the one we are slowly poisoning and killing like we don’t all live here. It tackles the very important message of global warming and how much damage to our own environment is being done, and not enough people seem to care about it.

So here we have Earth itself personified and begging us to stop doing it, saying that they’re not ready to die even though the end is in sight. It’s effective and emotional like few other tracks about this topic have ever been.


And the music, it’s her on-brand signature of a dreamy trip-hop ballad filled with lush synths and slow pianos and a beat that traps you in from the very first second. But what’s exciting about this one sonically is the fact that the entire thing was generated through artificial intelligence – Clare just added her own vocals on top of it. Doing something like this and making it sound so human and vulnerable, it sounds like something that maybe Björk could pull off and not many other people besides her.

Clare also added a distorted vocal sample from Grimes’s “Violence” and has it repeated throughout the song in a way that makes the atmosphere feel so eerie and nightmarish without it ever becoming truly hopeless. Everything about this works so damn well!

Clare is an absolute master of her craft, as we’ve already heard on her excellent previous tracks such as “To the One’s I Love“, “Burned Into My Past“, and “Not Ready to Die” with all of its quirks and backstory just comes to prove how much of a visionary this girl is. She is truly the revolution music is in desperate need of.


Clare Easdown Grimes photo 2 "Not Ready To Die"

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